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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I don't care about the kost

burger king corpus christi.. I may be going into work friday and saying you know the slime stock I bought this week is up 400% .... As a kid I would get to go to all the neat farms... I have fond memories of pond scum.... Realy it was a farm house or realy better put a "modern" for that time anyway farm house out in the country with a large pond in front of it.... I was thinking some things are figurative... I was looking at the algae research that ended in 98 or so because of budget cuts... (maybe the dates are way off, seems like it ended and then I started to hear someone saying I don't care about the kost).... The research was all what they call open air systems some of them in what they call racetrack ponds... (I had to pick up your grand father when he ran out of money at the race track).... My father dennis he worked at the telephone company (a bell company not the dennis at the behl company)

I am roleplaying the scum graphiti and I don't think it is behl, it could have something to do with lie detector tests at the refineries or stock manipulation ...

burger king... do the fryers as fast as possible extreme pressure... Every one back here this is the way it is.. (to chris)... you see this piece on the fryer filter picture yourself at citgo down the street and imangine yourself as george bush's best friend.... I had pick up the hose and the nozzle had come right off. This is why we want to give the fryer person space what is going to happen is the hose is going to squirt very hot 200+ degree oil at every one in the back area. It is going to be alot of fun everyone is going to get burnt there is going to be alot of screaming someone is going to need to call 911. Your lucky I am doing it because I check the equipment, someone else is going to do and not check. Another person thinks he is amusing is un-screwing everything.. This is why we don't play games over here it is just like working at the refinery....

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