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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


the voices, robbery setup

burger king corpus christi.

I start hearing something about don't ask don't tell sounds like a hispanic rougher voice like some connection to the refinery maybe, middle age to 50's I think. I found some women in the military who made a video that I play when I hear that. I suspect the women will get kicked out of the military and end up in the gentlemans clubs. hopefully it isn't on a public frequency where the man ends up paying a large indecentcy fine. He said once DO YOU THINK I'M AN IDIOT... the man must be and I had to say outloud you are an idiot.

my rent is $440 and my check is $440 in a check where I am getting ripped off again.. Lets see I have to cary cash to pay my rent exc. exc. exc, because I don't have the money for the money order (it's not true only fools live month to month unless they have to)... or I have to use stipes because I was ripped of exc... exc... fight or flight mode it could be a self defence issue maybe I should apply for a hand gun to protect myself while I pay the rent becuase I will have to pay cash every month because burger king doesn't want to pay min wage.. I won't be carrying cash this is just trying to rolepay the person who is stealing money... maybe it is something where he rips everyone off but he is hopeing everyone commits a crime so he/she can keep the money... It feels like the wrong side of the gun where some drug addict will want to talk to me like drug addicts always seem to or yell as some drug addicts do...

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