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Monday, August 24, 2009


another day of harrasment for juror number 00412563 1553 at 1213 17th 17 street

1213 17th street corpus christi texas

I am getting that audio harrasment, something about do not ask don't tell. I put on some woss ness and thier song describing simular harrasment and saying that grand father mafia (who commited sucide two years befour) aint having it... "all you n watching me what are you watching me for you better go home and watch t.v because that what it is for" and call him a fruit every 5 minutes. sounds like he is like norman and has an emotional need for an abusive situation..

he says he is going to make sure I get fired. It is disrespectfull to put on a song in infinite loop that calls the abuser with a wiretap a homo every 5 min..

I have a tall person who says someone at the downtown burger king has a drug problem and that he can get me a job at waterburger and that I should quit the burger king in corpus christi.. He would get a job there but he claims he makes a $100 a day selling crosses. I saw him outside the apartment befour I picked up the juror summons at my mailing adress. (it had probily been there a few days)

robert said he was going to fire me if I went to the fbi again about my paycheck last week I had told him if he didn't want to pay min wage he was going to have to fire me.. I think he is trying to say the fbi wont do anything regardless of what he does down the street from them... Like they have a deal or something.. The paycheck is most likely messed up it always is just like it says in the woss ness cd... Plus powel does that track the only way to beat us is to cheat us.. I wonder who left me that cd..


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