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Friday, August 14, 2009


behl company and cyan (fights automobile defecentcy)

I am going to use BioCentric Energy without their permission to role play something that probably doesn't have anything to do with them (or to replay something someone else replayed)....

He worked for the bell company not the behl company....

vacation time out in the country different places a farm with a pond that was overgrown with algae, pig farming and other fun stuff...

We will name one person robert king.. He would save all his bacon grease all the time, had hard liquor and a compass that would tell him if his car was wire tapped..

this story that probably has nothing to do with the comany is

dennis (different last name than the company) had to pick him up when he ran out of money at the race track... (a race track is a type of pond paid for by the energy department?? I have to go back to see the agency)

He is mad about something a fire or something he says

he is stupid he doesn't know how to work on cars, I don't want him anywhere near my car. You could just imagine him boiling down the Greece to get rid of the water and mixing in the hard liquor to make bio-desil or maybe one of those systems that heat a solid grease to a liquid...

probably nothing to do with behl I just remember all the stories from when I was a youth when I read the press releases but I am placing them in a different context. They seem to be suing alot of people.. I hope I am not one of them.. I believe the stock moved in large part in response to the exxon-mobile adds and a few news related items.. I bought at .025 cents and sold at 8 cents.. I would consider it highly speculative I wouldn't buy it because you expect a short squeeze, I suspect if anything comes of the investigation into aleged short selling, someone may have to look into speculation that inside info on when exxon-mobile was running its adds will have to looked at also... If you want to have some fun $10 is appropriate. they do seem to come out with alot of press releases but they can do release whatever they want to.

I found one that is profitable, I dont know if they have some of the space from the old guvment program or not. vitamins from algae for the immune system ... know anyone with automobile deficiency???


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