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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


burger king corpus christi .....

Burger king corpus christi I had a realy bad morning, I almost never put that machine together .. It sort of feels like apac including the broiler being defective or I think better put the instructions were defective it is no wonder they were burnt down... It is like someone was using them as a way to doctor shop... robert comes in in the morning and he usualy argues with someone..Check mate property damage? I keep thinking that only with general re and not robert. So you have a problem and you decided to use re now you have two problems... and then it would go check mate property damage... I was hearing that at network check mate property damage and that I still remember that I was hearing voices and that is what I heard...

I was hearing on the bus "why don't you drink" before I reached the arabic gas station. I couldn't figure out what the point of that was so I looked it up and found jim gaffigan and was sorta amused I will have to tell that one to someone at work.



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