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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


burger king drugs

burger king corpus christi texas. I had 20 hours stolen from my check, it may of been because I said that drugs were a waste of my time the exact same thing happened last time I refused to get involved with something illegal or immoral and said it was a waste of my time.. Norman seems to be in a bad mood when he cant get rid of all the oxygen in the store. I think they refer to that as an inhalant problem where you concentrate carbon monoxide in order to get high. We know the 911 related stuff is about drugs because "we are running entrapment scripts". I think one of them is a new form of doctor shopping where you try to hurt someone else with a repetitive injury and then hope to get prescription drugs from them or it is an entrapment issue where self medication is supposed to be used.

He dont want you to get paid (perscription drugs) and he is fighting a drug war so that can be an excuse to steal money. It is about the drug war or something else that idiots can cling to.

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