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Thursday, August 13, 2009


cut your check in half prediction for next fbi complaint

burger king corpus Christie Someone asked me if I get paid every two weeks. 20 hours was stolen from my last pay check after someone approached me in a disrespectfull was and offered to sell me drugs.. I let him live but I might regret that... It is company policy to promote homosexuality and then retaliate and to promote drugs and then retaliate for non-participation gives off a strong impression of retaliation by military personnel. She says her boyfriend is in the military, the person who does the sexual abuse has control of communication by the fbi's office.. Not a great way to win support for military personnel or the government screw both of them if I have to listen to that crap all the time..

oh he is going to rid someone exc. exc... watch the magic show.... he is not that is about steriods and robstown I hear the voices.... I hear the rage... I know the excuses about why someone should subscribe to you.. thats jason or what he roleplayed..

I also know about alternative methods to doctor shop for pain medication... It works something like this get someone hurt on purpose repetive strain or other repetive movement like the broiler we have from duke (It has defective instructions) and then get the drugs... I know what the voices want...

This is the take on norman he was sent by the obama health care nazi's to kill us all with smoke inaliation..

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