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Saturday, August 15, 2009


homeless people are helping people gets jobs at waterburger

burger king corpus christi .... someone complains about the quality and says burger king is going down. and I say ya we have a bad sabatoge and racketeering problem. I hope it is getting better and then he (who of course makes $100 a day selling crosses on the street) offers to help me get a job at waterburger working 60 hours a week... I am inclined to wait to add to a position but to chance a little bit I can loose for the chance to make some cash and brag about it later is atractive the price is right on $17.50 the call price with it going up .22 cents after the close... norman might need to talk to someone who is bilingral I am under the impression the price means to much to him, and my impression is the person I am talking to has some of the same sales pitch. The market in general is probily going down next week but burger king is a wild card day to day... expiration date is the 22nd so if the price goes above $17.50 there is a little extra kick in the price because of options..

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