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Sunday, August 02, 2009


the voice says what would a drivers licence do for you

what would a drivers licence do for you???

This is common harassment...
It will allow me to die (in a car accident from lack of sleep from harassment)...

We are going to do the thing at the house that goes something like this..
withdraw... more pressure... check every once in a while to see if
we can get something that matches the lie we made to the government in our report
about drugs and terrorism (911).. because the government is stupid and we are going to cover our (*&*&&(*.. It's like a career..

there were a couple of days that it sounded like someone was screaming, maybe they were being tortured in jail whatever, easier to listen to than alot of what I hear but slightly creapy by any means.. monday and wednesday I think... it was really creepy...

I may even kill a drug dealer in self defense after a long chase...

I was listening to bbc 6 last night and it was strange because I was thinking of this door song as a quote for the about box on the ride tab editor. The song of course is riders of the storm...

The playlist goes like this... riders of the storm by the doors..
and then it is disco.... all the go songs are about this charecter that grew up during the era being disced (go )... :) The song is much more sybolic and powerful than I realised when I first put together the editor.. "The world on you depends our word will never end got to love your man" ... with the iran democracy thrown in for good measure..

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