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Tuesday, September 08, 2009



I didn't get picked.... It's pretty minor compared to a death penality case, certainly not a trial that would cause a problem with my brokerage account...

hw 94 to central school road
circut 94 .... cpl (cental) catholic(school) road...


circut 319 contains the magical number in islam 19 think about stuff I have roleplayed on the bus route... "I want you to make 3 rebutals" (apac)

court 1cpl now american electric older adult apartments
3)19 711 building old scaro
.......+2 (it takes two to fight)

The other white building (nuesus lofts) is even more fun..
my brokerage account problem is magicly fixed for now, alot more of an issue than the trail I went to not that it wasn't a big deal...

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