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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I am not candian... 7 behl's.

edexter is not one of us..... :) I am short gfgf and corus. It looked like there was an issue with gfgf where they were listing the price at .29 cents but I contacted customer service and that ended (I hope).... I don't get to short big money though even though gfgf is already bankrupt.

I am looking at sonic drivethrough.... I don't have a good sense of it yet...

There is a driving school named 7 behl's .... I was thinking about that after I saw the number of slots there was for behl video's...... story maybe another driving school... She lived near the refinery because she wanted to live near it she says (if that is true or not or weather there were racial facters is another question)... she could afford to live in other places exc... exc.....

The stock seems to be going down and the radio interview probily didn't go well but the video's are stunning....

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