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Tuesday, September 22, 2009



burger king corpus christi texas. My check was short about 16 hour and I am reading a copy of tobbaco marketing in the lobby. This explains why norman is going to end up killing us all with natural gas fumes. They shreaded my check and they claim they are going to print a new one later.
I know I had freaked out one of them when I was talking about how "they" (the not specified they) used to market tobbaco products at carrol high school (ccisd). They have been somewhat convincing as a contract hit in the past and the amount of weirdness is completly bazaar including a threat to fire me if I complained to the fbi (who is down a couple of buildings) about them violating min wage law again. retaliation incorperated. We also have black shirts that way if you hurt children by selling tobbaco products you can promote the priest hood later as a way to avoid responcibilty for it.. I also didn't get paid for jury duty

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