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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


sep .....

I think I saw itr somewhere on graphiti.... mo licence plate in the left hand corner sep .... the state itself has the same abreivation as method of operation... I think it was third street he was cruising down.... I was writing software on the bus to the burger king headquarters in corpus christi (It is questionalbe if it is going to be part of my csound article because it may not be published depending on how they feel about it) ..... I might get my jury pay, robert (small hispanic robert) wants to play devils advocate that we don't have to pay jury duty but we have sharon now so it is possible I will get paid.. My hand feels much better, I use a real mouse for a couple hours no big deal, the pressure is on the part of the hand that is better... I am thinking of going from spirella (spelling see cyanotek) to antaxin ... To see if that helps a little more, I get alot more energy than I want caffene is probily enough, it's more vitimen a than I want... maybe half that, I will look into the anti-oxident mix and maybe some calcium to bulk up a little faster... lean ,,, obnoxious ,, graphics scripting in real life machine....

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