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Saturday, November 21, 2009


mad money cramer says hienz

(burger king corpus christi texas) jim cramer of mad money says that hienz is a stock that could take off. It's part of the burger king portfolio (suppliers hienz, flowers, kraft, coca cola).. every thing has ketchap befour everything has ketchap now... maybe there are more units (burgers)... probily not much effect on the stock.. I did a twelve today, it seemed to go alright, probably went unusually smooth.. nobody that I don't know is getting that close to me so, it isn't tied to a drug offer. my help doesn't seem to want to be there..

I have been looking for a low oil price that I can jump on seems like it is talked about and then the price slowly rises... I feel good about my stock picks but I have been hoping for a much better price.. commodities and brand names...

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