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Sunday, November 29, 2009


quality is job juan.

quality is job juan... ford has alot of buisness in china.. I bought bonds and have a 300% gain and I will just collect the money for along time because I am not paying cap gains on it but the trade is over.. The common shares did alot better than the bonds but I get somewhere around 30% interest on what I paid on them so. If there is another panic I will pick through the bonds again. I don't think the panic mentality will get me anywhere with Dubai, I was thinking bonds on british banks but now we are to partialy coverd by the emerates and the property still maintaining some value, It could be a forced refinancing. they may have the same thing in ireland it's gods way of saying when the pope gives england a country god will punish you if you reneg on the deal. When they get rid of the government through a merger it will make it easier to pay off the debt..

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