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Wednesday, November 18, 2009



ucbh (you see bitch) is finally trading again and I paid off a $900 credit card balance, 500 from margin 400 in cash, I haven't decided yet as to weather to pay it from my other account or whatever I have left over during the normal course of everthing, I think I may do the latter. I am hoping that is the only problem I have come across. I can probably expect the last check of the month to have less hours in it. We have a city church and now I am shorting the city bank..

I am doing more research on lesbians and I find that most of the people kicked out of the military are lesbians.. I have also been doing research on murder and I found some info from the navy about the warning signs of suicide I suppose you would reverse those and try to cause them for a contract hit. You would try for humiliation and then promote homoness and then with control of communication perform the hit... like attacks to like.. I am not sure why there is a pysco show with my name on it everything is self defense, that is why I am america's favorite pysco the person harrasing me though is some sort of serial killer.


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