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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


abuse is realy strong last night.

interactive brokers is acting weird all of a sudden all my prices reset to yesterday price when it comes to profit and loss instead of what I bought it at. It is 3:43 in the morning though. Burger King went up over $19 I don't know if the abuse I am getting is panic from an orginised short in corpus christi over that or if it is abuse for another reason. The account is pretty much at it's high so I am not sure why there would be any abuse (except for poor law enforcement they know where to look). Maybe someone trying to panic me about a credit card bill I haven't seen yet. I may have the dt after all. it is down to $14.97 it may be the last trading day of the week. Two more weeks before options expieration and then $300 in cash plus whatever happens with dt. I can sell the june $15 call for $90, I am not seeing any compelling reason to do though. It would be around a 10% yield + div, I would have a realy hard time getting excited about that.


$600 in one day
check out all my trades!
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