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Thursday, December 10, 2009


And someone died....

corpus christi burger king. Someone died around the corner from my house in the stripes parking lot... The police want info.. he looks familier but I wouldn't know if I had saw him on that day or some other day. He moved like he was old and the picture says he is 83. Nothing out of the ordinary, I would be seeing his picture every day if I was going to work instead of in some pending crap because it is on that bus, as well as in the stripes store next to the house. Some self important person is using abuse to keep me up so I can have a conversation with someone at the burger king office. saying bs about what do you think of the catholic church and what do you think about sabotoging the catholilc chuch exc exc. exc. They are not all perverts they are doing it for a noble reason, why is that my problem except I might be one of thier victems as far as tobbaco is concerned. A bunch of self important bs that might fall under witness tampering..


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