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Monday, December 07, 2009


burger king pending review

corpus christi burger king. Pending review means you don't have to say the word fired to the feds or something. They played around with the schedule and then told me I am not working any more. l.k. jordan asks a drug question maybe we are hoping to burn someones face off with the unsafe filter machine we have but we want there to be a positive drug test.. looks cool on the security camera, Thats a way to fish to achieve an objective. The stripes people on this side don't seem to be as personable as they do downtown, It's hard to measure up although it seems like they have done a couple things that didn't discourage sabotage at burger king. Something like that would be questionable as far as envelopment though. Across the street from a mcdonalds would make a much worse organized short against a restaurant.

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