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Monday, December 07, 2009


burger king up 10%

burger king corpus christi. they are going to let me know after the ex-div date if I have a job or not... that feels like an organised short up 10% isn't that exciting, it would be like having norman back there again seeming more freeked out when the price goes up... cyan is up almost 100% so I took some off the table as kramer would say, one of my two no gain without the pain stocks both up in mult of 100%... I think oil prices are going down for the near future, I am still long syntrolium but it seems like the dollar and oil prices might be against it.. having alot of fuel might be for it.. I just don't get excited any more except about my star bonus and I was looking at the options before the merger took place and I remember all the calls and how it seemed like I made a crap load of money off of it... and and... I didn't buy any of them and they merged... that was a weird feeling.

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