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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


dt above $15.00 in premarket

Looks like I am keeping the insurance premium and I am not getting shares in deutsce telekom. If it calls I get it for around 14.35 - whatever I get in interest for a month on the cash. You only get 50% of the value of the option by rolling it over yesterday because it is right on the money and you would have to pay taxes on it this year instead of next year. From the looks of things I would rather pay it on next years taxes. we go tue wed thur (maybe short day) and then three days of decay. It would have to be over $15 by a good distance to be compelling this week. I might be able to do more bni if when berkshire hathoway splits. It is an easy money trade, $100 per hundred shares at the $95 level in feb with bershire taking the company at $100 in cash and paying it off in three years.

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