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Monday, December 28, 2009


dt and some other picks

at least I am making some money doing something. I had sold my state bond fund and moved into some other investments. I had decided that I was willing to buy dt and put aside $1500 for a 100 shares and then sold the $15.00 put to brind the average cost down. It looks like I may not take delivery of the shares and everything I bought when I exited the bond fund is up pretty good as well as getting some decay from bni (burlington nothern is pretty much a sure thing for a couple of months). I am looking at dt trading at almost $15.00 exactly and we have a short 4 day week maybe less trading on new years eve so another 3 day decay where I might decide to roleover the put and buy some calls if the price between january and febuary looks good and of course the interest and a few extra dollars difference between the trade will go for something good. looks like syntrolium is catching fire, I am starting to be able to go into these with 100's of shares, they don't start producing synthetic fuel until later next month it is on my serious list while I wait for it to double. burger king is up pretty good so someone is probily trying to make it look like they are going to poisen you in the downtown corpus christi store. It may be an orginised short that seems to panic when the price goes up. It's only uP 25% not much compared to alot of my trades last year but enough where they freak out.

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