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Friday, December 18, 2009


He says I don't want to be a dairy queen

some call it the telephone company, some call it cow bell, roleplayed berkshire hathoway works something like this..... riding that train high on cocaine no...no....no o.k. coca cola and a rail road... dairy queen... I don't want to be a dairy queen and then the rebelion goes to something like shares of pepsi (pep). seriously though someone will roleplay it in a sexualy abusive way and then you would roleplay the rebellion as the texas state police.. I will have to double check that though.. coke and pepsi can be part of the same portfolio though. I am not sure about telephone though, I am selling off a large bond position at a 10% cap gain and need something to invest it into... a little of this a little of that, dividend achievers is what I am looking for. There could be a large amount of new oil on the market from iraq that is ofset by declines from places like iran.


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