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Thursday, December 24, 2009


like a young warren buffet

Like a young warren buffet I bought some shares of Pepsi, sometimes cows should eat oatmeal it helps your cholesterol and you you exercise before eating your potato chips. So that means I have ko and pep so I am a name brand type of person. I moved out of state bonds at the end of the year. I am listning to marc faber and his doom boom and gloom report it reminds me of grapes of wrath. He is talking about the possibility of war in the future and that you should buy alot of wheat. contranion on jap banks looks scary because they are underfunded. He reminds me of my grand father to some extent. Looking into the wheat angle I came up with a food company... trying to remember the name they do alternative feul with a company called changing tek. they would be hurt alot by higher feed prices in general so corn and wheat would bring them down... You have to wait until they are doing realy well though and then wait for gas prices to send corn prices up and the whole chain reaction again.

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