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Thursday, December 03, 2009


The masons and the illuminati in corpus christi.. and 911

I am putting this together as an unproven conspiracy theory. I have been listening to mark dice and his comments about the masons and 911. The Illuminates (free masons) as sun worshapers and thier desire to infilitrate other religion and then I realise the masons near a bunch of churces and an open air catholic church on the beach...


It doesn't mean anything though it is reasonable cause to look into someone elses beliefs.

There are some sick secrets out there about how to
make total mind control slaves ... unbelievable.
Most of these secrets are in this book:

How The Illuminati Creates a Total Mind Control Slave

This is a 360 page book that normally goes for

There are only ten left.

Oh this ought to be rich. Considering the only other commenter so far it trying to sell you something. Isn't the Internet grand? It allows total amateurs to make insane connections where none exist. The sad fact is that even a few find these 'theories' plausible.
satinism is stronger where you have a stonger catholic church and it would be a satinism of sorts. It only takes one person to believe something and recruit other people. I have heard alot of what he is talking about close to one of the free mason temples, befour I ever came across this person.
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