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Friday, January 15, 2010


android python and the concept of toast

I am collecting android python documentation and I discovered the concept of toast as a text output command. My first impression is that a terrorist hooked up a home made toaster oven to the phone and dialed the number and wala cooked bread. It is also useful for inputting text. It's amusing but it is kinda wierd at the same time because it doesn't seem like a command you should be using for output. I think it will be some time befour the android version of python has graphics but it should be possible to write csound scores on the phone and then send them to csoundnet and then get the song back in your email as an mp3. Something to do on a long car trip anyway. My csound probility language probily works on the android. I would have to test it, I could release it a little more favorably under the favors granted .... IE as returning the favor... I haven't played around with text files in the emulator yet though..

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