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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I sold some syntrolium

I stopped making any sort of money shorting banks (I told norman he could make more shorting banks than shorting the company he worked for burger king). I did pretty well but as a matter of self defense I have to figure out a way to make some cash from death and destruction. (ie. the only reason why someone would be abusive constantly is so we can make some cash from death)... I am looking at one of the Haiti telephone company. The reason why I sold alot of the synm is that I started to look at the natural gas bill and I started to realise two things. One is there may be some conflict of interest or better put more conflict of interest because we are a big refinery town when it comes to dealing with forien nationals, the other is that if there is a switch to natural gas it could shalack diesel prices. I kept the profit part of the trade and so a haiti telephone play or maybe a synthetic natural gas play could be interesting. I like the idea of getting all the electricty and more from a sewage plant like they are starting to do in England and would like to see if anyone really does that here (I don't think so but it is desirable as policy both waste wise and electric wise)

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