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Thursday, January 07, 2010


mtg moves.....

mtg is making some wierd moves the brokerage reports the price correctly in the after hours and then when The after hours market closes it goes the the regular closing price. I may be seeing some "fdic is getting ready to raid the joint" rise in ctbk. mtg might go back up in regular hours because after hours is more volatile. I did my studying I don't feel that confident about the test but I believe it will be somewhat useful even though most of it is in sections that I won't be doing. Its all cap gains and dividends exc. maybe I buy the software or search the internet since I am destitute, They have a windows mobile phone but I haven't search for the connections to see if It can be hacked into a (music)keyboard setup, You would do the googles mobile add with some software and maybe go to the app-store. microsoft is always a little challenging though .

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