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Saturday, January 23, 2010


no jobs

corpus christi command center. Feels gamey ... it could be an organised short a cover story of some kind or maybe they are in trouble because they dont have any jobs. I am selling the contol of cummunication hit as a security threat I have sent one to HR BioPetroleum they are going to be doing some cool stuff soon..


Cc: Bcc: msabarsky@hrbp.com;



Picture Please consider my resume for employment

resume2.doc [77.5KB]

I have seen first hand that the citgo plant near my house is a security threat and the organized crime that comes from other countries that comes along with it. I have heard the excuses from law enforcement claiming they can do anything about it. I have heard the control of communication crap that is supposed to be ruled as auto accidents and overdoses. I have a strong desire to be part of the future of energy in this country. I have a great deal of marketing experience and I have publishing experience. I have some in the neighborhood of a million hits with my software and various web pages I have created (I have had a number of advertiser go under before paying me though.

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