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Monday, January 04, 2010


quiet at the temps.

They don't have anything at the temps.... I think they are playing a game about the pipe yard talking about how dirty it is and everything.. One of them has this movie that must be very important to him judging by his attitude were someone backside ends up in the movie.. I don't have a ride out there so I suppose that is out but I will find it next time or dispute the claim that there is a pipe yard in robstown. There is one job at the mall.... hopefully if it isn't there I become part of the unemployement number or I will have to go in person so that obama doesn't look good (because I am not working). It looks like I will not have the dt's it went up to $15.20 it still isn't in a price to take profits and play both sides of the trade yet. (the jan option hasn't moved that much yet)

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