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Sunday, January 24, 2010


sunday and looking for jobs again.

command labor corpus christi .... I am thankful I got some hours... maybe she wants me off her list ... I think I understand that some of the people can't be at labor ready, They are hanging around promoting the idea of driving and natural gas pipes, it is like a lobby for the natural gas business and then some idiot will talk about why you don't want to work like they are trying to give that job to an illegal alien or something. That said the natural gas jobs would be out of town and you loose alot of gas station volume so the claim that natural gas will create american jobs directly is completely false. I don't know about indirectly thoug, through reduced prices and it can also be used in fisher-troupe to turn into liquid fuel but I know that isn't going to be the big push. That bridge fuel thing where someone messes with someone elses car and causes an accident is something else I am aware could happen, either as a statement or as a horror story to promote natural gas.

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