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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


tax code

The tax code discourages saving money unless you can make it so you can't have access to it with the way they do the earned income credit. Unfortunately the finances are relationship issues that you have to plan for. You would probably just move securities into an ira early in the year to avoid earning dividends. I remember them lowering the amount they withheld to help the economy but the housing credits may start providing a boost in a couple of weeks to something at least. maybe cars, computers exc...

there is or was a liberty office that was located in a house that decided they were going to role-play the magazine ga. something to do with investment adviser. I have a sense of humor you invest and are not able to join the salvation army. The magazine is just a prop to cause trouble though. I remember recently makeing fun of general atomics for just that reason (ga).

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