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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thomas J Henry employment

Thomas J Henry Corpus Christi Texas. I was talking to them about employment and we went into one of the courts they have upstairs. There really isn't anything that would be considered attorney-client involved with that. A scenario would be that you talk to your boss about the pain and then you would get medication and you would be taking pain medication and or sleeping pills (because the sound keeps you awake) while you hear very abusive voices. Wala something the police department can't do anything about causing a death that might stop a legal problem with tobacco to children at ccisd from happening later. I don't really want to die, in fact I have been entirely against it from the outset. At burger king for instance there is no reason to hurt anyone but it might be considered a goal of management to do that, to go into court, and to sabotage the store for the benefit of stripes (Its very odd but the recession isn't helping either.)

They do have an interesting spot their on star street next to hard rock cafe and copowel 1911. exc exc... They probably don't see it though or think about it.

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