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Saturday, February 27, 2010


628 texan trail (adress looks wrong) arson??


628 texan trail corpus christi texas. I noticed the address looks like it ends up on the high school property across the street. As always and as anyone who would stalks me and harasses me as part of a civil rights crime would know (real estate and the bus control of communication crime). Whats cool about the civil rights crime about the bus is that a bunch of racists have the permission of the corpus christi police department to try to use harassment to keep me a former student in a court case school district (brown vs board) off the bus. The racists also have control of communication to try to use abuse to sell drugs hopefully I can kill one in self defense but I have only been able to hurt one of them so far. I might have an interest in the property if the price is right, probably in partner with other people. I would also know the price history going back into time. I think the price is high unless the financing is made easier. I think the game is that you get people who are looking for a job to check back with the waterburger on alameda and ask HAS ANYONE BEEN FIRED YET..... (as someone told me they are firing the "dead wood" before spring break).

More on race crimes (in corpus christi and their non-enforcement) including the kkk favorite of freedom of speech as an excuse is here


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