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Thursday, February 04, 2010


ora a building idea

Someone called me a nazi when I suggested forced investment but allowing you to do whatever you wanted to do with what you invested in. Throw in borrowing money and using a percent of the taxes (property tax and hopefully you could get the education district to take some of the tax as equity as well) you get from the new plant as collateral, and the option of direct purchase by the public directly from the company and you can get all kinds of intresting projects at least in some of the nearby counties stuff like burning the sludge from the sewage plant to synthetic natural gas, sludge to dirt plans to avoid high cost waste costs. The government isn't leaning in that direction but I would love to be involved in somekind of development plan. There may be other geothermal sites as well that are not on state property.

I saw an advertisement from rick perry and I have to wonder what he's thinking. First they mention the name of an opponent giving them free advertising and then bashing her on something that might have a questionable impact on the Conservative base. It is probably not an effective advertisement

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