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Sunday, February 21, 2010


shely street corpus christi graphiti and roleplayed

corpus christi shely street. I see shely (anthony's brother as a street name) and then I see anthony as graphiti etched into the concrete. The street is broken up by the highway... There is a house on the other side (the outer road is called david street he is a wonderful person who markets tobacco to children) of the highway that is borded up they are not afraid of the hurricane they are afraid of fema (They have been living in a boarded up house for two years?). I keep going down shely street there is what are probily rental units with siding that is probily from sears (like the siding I had on the house I owned) across the street is a funeral home and then across from where shely ends is an h.e.b and a salvation army store (I would suspect they are roleplaying shely as shell gas station when they were playing that game down alameda but they changed it to a p.m.i.

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