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Thursday, February 18, 2010


some impressions of the health department

corpus christi health department. I went down to the corpus christi health department today. It seems that they show a video of a stripes store with all the horrors exc... It begs the question of weather it gives people the idea that they can create thier own horror stories that include those they want to retaliate against, after all a couple of fines for some non-sense about hot dogs might be worth it (to someone anyway). It also might encourage the manufactured story i.e. trying to arange for people who you think are going to do something wrong into circumstances so you can back-stab the city, citgo and the oil industry in favor of natural gas. It seems like that could of been part of what was going on at burger king (near the citgo plant and right by the "this planting was paid for citgo sign". It would probably be marketed as pro and against stripes and then maybe for and against the health department for a cover story to spread disease and then... It is a wonder no one has martyred someone yet.

So where I am staying it is a room for rent and supposedly he works at the health department for a few days and someone had spread something in here that looked like it could have been medical waste. I put up with some overheard abuse from the hispanic woman about not sleeping with who-ever before marriage exc.. I said I never had a health card and I worked at burger king for three years the other hispanic (that does custodial stuff) guy called me an asshole in Spanish


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