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Monday, March 22, 2010


child support??

I question maybe the desire of a couple of people to be there it sorta looks like they have to be, mostly though it isn't like that with the people there, There is a story called the white ship that almost aplies.. It is like one of the temp agencies you go to the highest bidder.. exc. exc.. I think I probably pulled something when norman started to mess around and I bought burger king and picked all those shorts last year.. taylor made for a criminal trial that doesn't involve norman realy... charecter witness, you would realy trade that exc. exc.. The world didn't end with health care so I will look at yum brands yet again to see how I should trade it or when... Some yelled out a job offer in the middle of the intersection morgan and staples... your crazy, probily almost 5 am in the morning... there has to be adventure of some kind, or it would have to be something only I can pull off. Construction on the weekend maybe where they are a source, someone asked me if I had a phone this morning, I see that at the downtown station where someone borrows your phone, I think because they want your phone number and then the next step I assume is to see if your number comes up on a list of incoming or outcomming calls involving drugs or some nonsense.

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