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Friday, March 05, 2010


early morning gangs probily

Someone is getting ready to aproach me close to kenny and staples as happens quite often. It becomes obvious I am going to make a run for it and he is not going to catch me (he is limping) so he yells out over a long distance very early in the morning asking for a ciggerete. There is a second person much taller and a little more threatning asking for a ciggerete at staples station. I can see the advantage of having a non-camara phone but I have a strong desire to have a phone-computer or as most people call them smart phones.. I already have the source code and I can modify it to be perfect on a cell phone (a month to month deal were I take it off of service might only make sense for me). Maybe I take a cab some mornings and avoid the interaction (if I ever get any money).... Like a protection racket.

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