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Friday, March 26, 2010


friday night past my bedtime

She is syrup sweet, reminds me in appearance like someone I went out with except more shapely (she was very athletic so thats a different shape I suppose)... I probily get into trouble if I say to much or to little... There was a bait and switch moment when I was on north beach and now there is a blond with someone in the airforce and airman maybe... I was realy annoyed he was around and she had asked me what I thought she was going to live on air??? they were scamming food.. I had the moment befour where it was my fault (almost my fault she didn't get arrested) that she got arrested (I had all the reciets) at the family dollar for stealing underware, Something had to be realy wrong though. I have alot more bills this week than I thought.. I perpared a cushen though, always have a cushen athough I paid a little bit of a ballance because it annoyed me (have to finish it off later)

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