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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


an idiot and his lortab

some idiot is trying to sell me (highly addictive) lortab. Maybe that is why the landlord is against alcohol but not against perscription medication (because of the interaction and the number of people that overdose on pain killers)... The day after on tuesday they are smoking what is probily tobbaco I can feel it when I go to work.. Nice timing for more drug sales maybe and would explain the abuse, more drug dealers are out on the weekend and if you don't go outside they cant bring drugs into this country or at least sell them after they are here. I am going to start asking my balence so I can know when my tax return comes in so I can set up my trade, otherwise I will be waiting three weeks to start it. option looks like almost two dollars off I will have to look at that again but waiting for the option to come in will allow more div money to pay it off and send the interest money to me instead of them for a month and a half at least.

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