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Monday, March 01, 2010


might be child explotation....

Mostly it starts from the south side drug gangs, nation of Islam and Jehovah witness. Avoid lawsuit abuse by harassing the white guy exc and get him to join the catholic church so we don't get in trouble for selling tobacco to minors or hurting them on purpose.. Catholics are number one I think then number 2 for child abuse problems tends to be Jehovah witness. There is a reason why Micheal Jackson would be atracted to the nation of Islam involving some things in the Koran and with those groups you have all the sexual abuse I listen to..

They shot the nation of islam guy from detroit 21 times after they were going to press charges for advocating the overthrow of the us, weapons charges exc.. I don't have anything but circumstantion stuff on robert mohumad and his black friend who tried to assult me. I am not sure it has officaly exsisted in corpus christi for the last two years when I last saw it. just an informal race group (and a black gang that looks like it is mostly by the refinery)

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