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Monday, March 01, 2010


no oil headline for this article..

I think I have a problem trying to figure out why oil is so high, but I would have a problem betting against it also. You also get the contract rollover but oil is an irrational market until something like natural gas hits it with a hammer. It sort of looks like a slow role-out, A headline why opec should care about the environment, you can either have green crude or you will have no crude. Maybe only selected parts of opec... Whats the headline... Seeing about getting a job in construction near the bottom unless health care is as regressive as it looks. (i.e taxlike to the lower part of the spending curve).. I am waiting for syntrolium to say they are running synthetic diesel. All I have is my cap gain in it since I am unsure what will happen profit wise because of expiring contracts and such.

It is before the election, if that has something to do with an increased number of interviews exc or it is just to help people keep their unemployment going I don't know.. I was out with my notebook like I do often but instead of role-playing the neighborhood I was doing employment research. considering how close it is to the citgo plant I should remember the response and remember they won't be nice about my camera either.

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