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Thursday, March 04, 2010


valeant pharmaceuticals

kane... beautiful... Some cash is coming in. The questions at the end of training "lightning round", "You can't afford to miss it", Very relevent to corpus christi in a symbolic way, One of the people there says that he would rather walk than drive a truck that is powered by natural gas (it's a derivative of cows, probily a bad thing to promote if your a company man). I read the pysco stuff because showtime is running the advertisements and then they say I would be a better pysco If I research it. They won't let me join the salvation army because I am some pysco on the killing floor. The pay is fantastic and you can see these big old heb trucks rolling out. I am not sure about the other customers and if you can't see thier truck from the road that might be a proprietary thing. I can see the time benefit of living down leopard street, and the finacial benifit of buying a 4-plex somewhere else and having someone else run it, no partner yet. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International came up as someone who impressed buffet and as someone who acts like he likes the excitement of putting a big company together. The president has been known to do such stuff as odd type jobs in companies he is ready to buy. Alot of people suggest it is going to do well even if the gov screws up health care, it is a growth company with a low multiple, the type of thing I do well with (vs the type of thing that pins my but to the floor)

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