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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


you are not gettng what you want you are getting what you need

I think I may have it. Some excitement to it also because I can figure a trade for it.. It is two resteraunts started by dave thomas. wendys and kuntucky fried chicken... Even when you when you loose (the exception is me even when you loose you win wen).... I will have to come up with a stratagy for it. Real pyscopaths don't talk about how some jobs are real boring compared to others they are stealth like blending in with normal people, they are even better pyscopaths after they have read about it. I always think about coastal plating they seem to well adjusted....

Broke another thousand mark... I don't have a realy impressive trade though it just seems like the market is doing well... I have a couple of other picks but I want to pay off some credit card stuff because I am being to generous.. They had a review of the book the big short.. turns out that one of them had a disorder that helped him to figure out what was going on in the market.... never under estimate what mhmr can do for you....

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