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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


blond terrorist group/old scary

The who song goes.... I hope I die befour I get old talking about my generation (electrical generation???)

The nation of islam believes in the seperation of races, I think they moved thier temple to the south side to make them stand out more. I had looked into thier cars. they refer to the blond hair and blue eyed devils.. I think it was thursday this black chick was at the bus station with her blond hair and her girl child, she had said something that I may have heard befour to someone else I may have seen befour to a hispanic male. There was an older black male 50's maybe but fit like robert mahhomod says you should be with a darker femail maybe from india... He was posing with his ciggerete like he was a bad acter or something (and one that hasn't been smoking for very long... There was a higher percentage of blacks than usual... I have no where to go with this just that it looks like someone might be playing for the camara's and I can't tell if it is evil or not.

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