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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


churchs (chicken)...star..(symbal) angel x (mexican resteraunt sign)

I see 4.... three inside one outside there's a look out?... the quantity 4 look out (double symbolism)... The pepsit frito lay division is close by (I am munching some of them right now)....

here's another sign....

churches (the star and everything)... 9.99 11 pieces..

I see the church (catholic) guy around the library.. I am not realy big on having him know where I am.. Looks like he is talking to himself, I am sure it's a bad thing with a little religion maybe to drown out his thoughts...


This is why I am a big fan of water recycling that and I am seeing it concept spring up in the housing market but pepsi has to be in front of the curve.

Jasmine Pres Le calls while I eat chicken livers didnt leave a message.
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