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Friday, April 09, 2010


I am the maching

I am the machine.... rip rip rip rip ..... I slipped sidways, I think I may need to become flatfooted so that I stay more centered when I walk... I am o.k. though, its a near miss so the swat team should look into it... yum brands looks like it could go into the money... I am having trouble understanding it... $40.70 right now. I am a $42 call, I think I would keep half and then use half for selling puts betting it goes the other direction. price seems high, and europe or something could hit the whole market. I am not sure about using back up battery power.. maybe somewhat more reliable, probily should add a nine volt batter to the clock also.. I am thinking there is not enough power to the battery but it is a good hurricane supply also... probily could use a led flashlight in addition.

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