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Saturday, April 24, 2010


some troubling signs

There seem to be some signs that an registered offender is doing something wrong. The we mind our own business stuff and it really doesn't look like anyone is living here at least until recently. There may be a sit where the said person is doing stuff upstairs or mistaken identity were there is a similar person upstairs. I am not concerned about women being in the house but children are coming into the house also and I don't know if that violates the terms of his probation. He seems to have become sorta hostile since the new offender website was released on the t.v. and the newspaper. I get my address looked up and his black face comes up, it is sorta amusing but probably not to him, he would also be much more likely to be wiretaped because of his proximity to me, because I have strange international contacts and have had threats from pro-citgo suporters (or at least one supporter) anong with distributing anti-Iran literature (In software it is almost art and I need to work on that tomorrow). If he wants to do drugs or drink or something I am cool with that as long as it is not at the house (room for rent) but I am concerned about his contacts with children. I also noticed that he has some sort of hair remover that smells like he is putting a diaper on his head. Hopefully that isn't something he is going to use as an alibi later.

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