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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


coffee is way to strong or something

... no more caffeine after I get to work.... the taco I had for lunch sucked yesterday they had the good stuff...

I can't tell if it a monitering water well (in a parking lot across the lepard from citgo) or what (natural gas would be wild for symbolism) and there are four police cars outside.... looks symbolic like it is about citgo or the rail line or something... I remember having a list of something and then someone gave me four to add to it... maybe in that case look out danger...

Remembering brian... oh ya the life of brian... the man was kinda a bully and if I remember right not everyone there was pro-life (and in fact I would hear some anti-life statements from time to timea) lthough brians name was never mentioned in that context, monty python was mentioned quite a-bit.. I am not sure that I can get a timeline that puts abc or the python programming language at that time... maybe in 84 but that is the end of the time frame..... We were learing basic, cobol, fortran.... basic was the big language though for the pre-pc computers... As I ramble this story on without editing...

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